Ghost rape

Ghost rape
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ghost rape

Ghost rape
Petruska Directed Authorship
Sagar Producer Mm
Writer Cheryl Samantha
Starring Alona Cynthiara
Teguh Julianto
Elfrida Manik
Winda Amanta
Cinematography Royke Pakasi
Editor Mulyo Handoyo
Maulana Ishak
Distributor MM Creations
Release date 2010
The duration ... minute
country Indonesia

Raped by a ghost is a horror movie Indonesia, which was released in 2010 directed by Petruska Authorship and starring, among others, by Cynthiara Alona and Teguh Julianto.
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It appears from the outside, Rico is a handsome decent and good. but he is actually a hyper sex disorder that makes him a playboy for months until finally none of the girls approached him and made ​​him stress and taking drugs to death.

A small town in Bogor, Marsya, renowned for her beauty and her sexuality to make a lot of people want to have it. But in the 22nd birthday, he had lost his parents, who died in an accident. He decided to work in Jakarta although Marsya do not have relatives there. He also settled disebuah boarding-lodging pretty good and the price is not too expensive. But the atmosphere in the boarding house is still empty because of the 15 rooms is only 5 rooms were occupied. After three days Marsya occupy his dorm room, he always felt something was bothering him. Marsya got a job as personal secretary Raymond, general manager of the company is interested in him. Andre, an assistant manager at the company was also interested in Marsya.

Two months already Marsya working there for 2 months and he's also getting close to Andre. They cover up their relationship in front of Raymond. Marsya dared to tell Andre that she had been raped by a demon, but Andre does not believe it. While the strange events continue to haunt Marsya

Rico is a young man who lived disebuah boarding house. He often hung out together with his friends at once often bergonta boyfriend. Actually it's all just for the sake of complete passion that is excessive and can not be controlled. It finally began to be known and Rico no longer get a girlfriend. He managed to capture a beautiful woman named her to have sex dikamar Rico. Apparently the woman is kuntilanak and strangled to death Rico. When her body was found, Rico said died of drug overdoses.
Marsya is a beautiful woman who just arrived in Jakarta from the Pekalongan bring all innocence. He was desperate to go to Jakarta alone armed with determination to find the money to cure his sister who had heart abnormalities. Marsya parents had died two months ago and just give the inheritance money that does not amount to much. Marsya live in a boarding house that is cheap, and quiet. Since the first night there Marsya, ghost Rico Marsya raping and Marsya not too conscious to know about it. Marsya managed to become a secretary in a company that has a manager a man named Raymond and his assistant Andre. They were both interested in the beauty Marsya because he has. When Marsya and Raymond overtime, Marsya begin to know the rape of her by starting to see the ghosts that roam Rico bother him. When the ghosts want to Marsya Rico (Rico is behind Raymond) Rico could not go forward and eventually disappear because of the heat. Boarding house, the pemilikpun plagued by Lyra. Raymond's brother who just returned from Los Angeles, Liza, come back to Indonesia just to attract the attention of Andre that he had long liked to invite her birthday diacara Liza. Raymond knew that. On the part of Andre, Andre expressed his feelings to Marsya and Marsya agreed. Liza came right after Marsya agree with Andre. Liza-manjaan spoiled with Andre because too often it seems once. Marsya invited because Raymond told Liza to invite Marsya.
Liza is a theme birthday party swimsuit. Creep, ex-boyfriend Andre, Suzan, came and helped cuddle with Andre. Liza at the birthday party, Marsya thrown into the pool by the ghost of Rico. Andre carried her into the shower room and bath Marsya told to calm down. Therein, Marsya Rico came and raped again. Andre came, Rico suffered overheating. Marsyapun out and hug Andre. Did not report anything, Marsya go after picked up Andre.
The next day Marsya like a demon when she was sick. He really wanted to eat raw chicken liver. He bought and ate it in a dorm room on arrival. A series of strange events, suspect that Marsya pregnant. Marsya panic, let alone the stamina to be very weak. When sleeping in a dorm room, she found herself became pregnant and gave birth to the ground. Weak condition made Marsya fainted. Children who have been born suddenly become for tuyul. The boy wandered and they often steal food, the boy grew up like his father. He began to move and disturb Marsya friends. He then met kuntilanak Lyra who want to drag him into hell to be a slave. But the boy did not want Marsya and he disappears when the moonlit water body. On the Marsya. Marsya finally told that she had been raped by the devil, but Andre does not believe it.
Raymond apparently eager to taste the body Marsya. He worked with Suzan for it and make Marsya be in the house Raymond while Suzan will send Andre duty out of town. The plan was heard by children Marsya. Children Marsya impersonate Raymond Marsya and tempting as they are in the house Raymond. Suzan record the time when the head is twisted by a son Raymond Marsya. Suzanpun also killed. Andre and Marsya grieve over it. At night, Andre and almost had sex Marsya dikamar Marsya. But the child attacked Marsya Andre and decides to kill him. The boy was frightened at the sight of Andre amulet necklace. Andre immediately threw the talisman into the body of the demon and the demon disappeared.
The film ends with Marsya and Andre were married and away from the boardinghouse. Coincides with that of a beautiful woman also came and expressed his desire to rent a dorm room. And when he was changing clothes, he was attacked.

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